Alexandra David Neel at the Villa Nicolo

Alexandra David Neel at the Villa Nicolo

Alexandra David Neel

Today, a little culture to introduce you to this adventurer who once lived in the building now welcoming Villa Nicolo.

Louise Eugénie Alexandrine Marie David, known as Alexandra David-Neel is born in France the 24th of October, 1868 and she died at the age of 101, the 8th of September, 1969. This lifetime record is just like her exceptional life.

The adventuress having lived at the 3, rue Nicolo, had several lives going from opera singer to journalist.
She stands out more particularly by her very rich literary work, grouping travel stories, novels, documents on Buddhism and a plentiful correspondence.

She was, in 1924, the first European woman to stay in Lhasa in the Tibet, this accomplishment was echoed through newspapers, one year after which contributed strongly to her fame, besides her personal qualities and her erudition.

Inspiring isn't it ? It's something to meditate on for your 2019 good resolutions : To write? Have 5 lives in 1? Traveling more ? Do more sports and better eat to live until 101?

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See you in 2019 for new adventures!

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