Maison de Balzac

Maison de Balzac

La Maison de Balzac

Balzac House is located a few minutes walking from Villa Nicolo, in the heart of the village of Passy, ​​it is the only Parisian residences of the novelist who can still be visited today. In this house, Honoré de Balzac wrote "The Human Comedy". The museum's permanent exhibition offers, among other things, personal memories of the writer, as well as numerous original editions, manuscripts and illustrations. The museum also offers exhibitions on themes related to the writer.

Balzac is a French writer born in Tours in 1799, and who died in Paris in 1850, Balzac (who added the "De" particle to his name in 1831) is from a provincial bourgeoisie. If he is so adored in France, it is because he has an incomparable feather and that he is one of the precursors of the realistic movement. With La Comédie Humaine, a collection of more than 90 works, Balzac systematically describes social groups and mores of the society.

La Maison de Balzac will reopen on June 16! So remember as Balzac says: "whom doesn't come often to Paris will never be completely elegant."!

We therefore look forward to welcoming you back to Villa Nicolo.

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La Maison de Balzac at 47 rue Raynouard 5 mins walk from Villa Nicolo.