The Hotel Villa Nicolo and the hummingbird

The Hotel Villa Nicolo and the hummingbird

The Hotel Villa Nicolo and the hummingbird

Have you ever heard of the legend of the hummingbird ? In a forest fire, all the animals living in the forest are petrified, only the hummingbird comes and goes to collect water and to put out the fire. The others animals point out to him that is is not with a few drops of water that he will be able to extinguish the fire. "Well I do my part and if everyone does their part we are likely to be game-changers !" is the answer of the hummingbird. 

At the Villa Nicolo, we are conscious of the fact that change will be successful if everyone does their part. Unfortunately, we have to admit that the environmental impact of the hospitality industry is significant. It's why, every day, at the Villa Nicolo, the team works to reduce its energy consumption and to participate in teh reduction of waste. Having a sustainable approach must encompass the entire system, that's why we try our best to participate in the neighborhood life. 

Here are some of our actions to reduce energy consumption : 

- using LED bulbs
- using thermostatic mixer 
- using double volume flush
- using presence detector in the corridors
- using lighting control system in the rooms 

Here are some of our actions to reduce waste :

- implementation of waste separation
- using rechargeable batteries 
- reducting our food waste by improving the management of our stocks. 
- using environmental friendly cleaning products
- reduction in the use of single-use plastic
- using returnable glass 
- using soap dispenser in the rooms 

Withing 3 years, our project is to reduce our paper consumption, to use recycled paper, to use recyclabe hospitality products and to recycle the organic waste. 

Here are some of our actions in our sustainable development approach : 

- promoting the local craftsmen and shops (plumber, fruit and vegetables and other shops)
- taking charge of trainees who wants to discover more about the hospitality industry thanks to internships
- donating objects to local charity actions 
- being transparent on our pricing by modulating moderately our grid. 

Within 3 years, our project is to offer training to our team to encourage the team to participate in humanitarian actions. 

We are aware of the fact that there is still much to do to reduce our ecological impact and we are trying daily to change our bad habits. 

At the Villa Nicolo, we will be able to take any advice you can have ! 

We remain at your disposal and are looking forward to welcoming you soon. 

Kind Regards, 
The Nicolo Team